Build PaStiX with Guix-HPC


How to build PaStiX

The package definitions in Guix-HPC repository extend those that come with Guix. To make them visible to the guix command-line tools, create the ~/.config/guix/channels.scm file with the following snippet to request the guix-hpc channel:

(cons (channel
        (name 'guix-hpc)
        (url ""))

That way, guix pull will systematically pull not only Guix, but also Guix-HPC.

guix package -u pastix

Hacking on Guix-HPC

When working on packages of the guix-hpc channel, you’ll need to clone the guix-hpc repository:

cd src
git clone

From then on, you can edit package definitions, and then try them out by passing the location of the checkout using the -L flag to guix build and other command-line tools, as in this example:

guix build -L ~/src/guix-hpc pastix