PaStiX Release 6.2.1

  • MPI/PThreads: Small improvement on communication reactivity
  • Runtime: Fix issue in distributed when looping over the factorization with runtime systems
  • MPI/refinement: Fix issue in frobenius merge in distributed
  • MPI/low-rank: Introduce a first version of the distributed low-rank solver with PThread schedulers
  • analyze: Enable the generation of distributed simulated traces
  • LR/Schur: Fix issue when using low-rank and Schur functionnality that was re-ordering the Schur complement
  • api: Introduction of th generator for the iparm/dparm/enum in order to later extend their documentation
  • starpu/gpu: start testing the heteroprio scheduler
  • debug: Fix compilation of many debug functionnalities
  • doc: update on the tutorials
  • spm: update the IO functionalities and integrate the fix on distributed load/save from SPM
  • cmake: better protect in source compilation